Semalt Expert: WordPress Free Glossary Plugins - Top Advice From Expert

If your WordPress site has a lot of content and you are tired of repeated definitions and terms, then you should install a glossary plugin as soon as possible. A glossary plugin helps avoid duplicate content and keeps your definitions and terms organized months after months. These WordPress plugins let you link the terms of your articles to the definitions in a glossary and save your time. The glossary plugins give you a chance to display relevant terms on the same web pages and take the visitors from one page to another, decreasing your bounce rate to an extent.

Here Alexander Peresunko, a leading specialist from Semalt, has talked about the best and most comprehensive glossary plugins for WordPress sites.

1. Dictionary Box

It is one of the most famous glossary plugins for WordPress users. If you are looking to provide good vocabulary and terms to your visitors, you should install this plugin and get it activated as soon as possible. You can access this plugin from the Plugins directory of your WordPress and can change its settings as per your blog.

2. Click2Refer Virtual Dictionary

If you want to redirect your readers to different terms and web pages, then Click2Refer Virtual Dictionary is the right glossary plugin for you. It has various exceptional features and can be integrated with any WordPress site or blog. It will help you keep the visitors engaged on your site as your posts are well-built and look great.

3. Double Click Dictionary Look-up

This awesome glossary plugin is easy to install and free of cost. If it works exactly the way the name, suggests. Once you have installed and activated this glossary plugin on your WordPress site, you can easily check the quality of your content or articles and can improve the vocabulary online. You just need to insert its glossary list to each web page and start attracting more and more people to your site, increasing your sales and earning a lot of money.

4. Encyclopedia Pro

This plugin creates the user-friendly interface for navigating the alphabetized content and post titles. This fantastic glossary plugin is free of cost and can be used on both WordPress and blogger websites. It has an extensive list of English words, terms, acronyms and synonyms to choose from. The free version has limited number of options, but its paid version will unlock a lot of deals and offers for you.

5. WP Glossary

It is one of the most famous and best glossary plugins for WordPress users. This is made for the dictionary and glossary lovers and is easy to install. The plugin helps you keep the attention and focus of your readers maintained with its free services and outstanding layout.

6. Lexicographer

Here is another wonderful and useful glossary and dictionary plugin for you. Lexicographer lets the users organize their web content and add glossaries to all web pages in a matter of minutes. You don't need to do anything to your HTML code as this plugin does a lot of jobs for you once fully installed. Though it has not been updated for a while, the plugin is still cool to go with.